Readymade Plates
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Welcome to our wall of SALE (for clients who never paid or picked up their products) & some popular in stock plates. These are now available for purchase at over 40% off the regular price.

How To Choose:
Step 1: Browse the Pictures Below and Find The Plate You Want
Step 2: Fill Out The Form So Our Team Can Contact You (Plates are available within 12 hours if available)
Step 3: Our Team Will Email or Text you to find out your location and we can then arrange FREE Pickup for you or ship/deliver for a small charge.

Happy Hunting For Your Favourite Plate!





Contact us for Readymade Number Plates

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We carry a large stock quantity of aluminum license plates or signs (max 8″x12″), images on the license plate which can be custom made with your company logo or name.

We carry a large selection of alternative novelty plates as well we have the largest collection of flag license plates in stock over 350 different flags including all of our provinces and territories flags, as well as all US state flags.

All products have a clear glossy finish which is also your sealant, protects the ink we use from the harsh weather and the ink we use is UV coating ink and prevents fading caused by the UV rays of the sun.

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